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Equip your team with the best

With over 90 years of service, Machinery & Welder Corporation has partnered with the best brands to bring you high-quality equipment. Talk to a welding expert at Machinery & Welder Corporation for more information about our products, delivery options, and training programs. We’re always here to help!

A Millermatic 255 in store at Machinery & Welder Corporation

MIG Welders

MIG welding uses an electric current to melt and fuse metal, forming an electric arc between a consumable welding wire and the workpiece metal. Our welding supply store has everything you need for your MIG welding processes, including:

  • MIG guns

  • Spool guns

  • Welding tips

  • Gloves

Stick welding

Stick Welders

Stick welding creates an electrical current using a consumable flux-coated electrode that melts and fuses metal with ease. Stick welding is capable of welding various metals, including iron, steel, nickel, and copper alloys. Our welding supply store has large quantities of stick welding equipment to suit your needs.

TIG welding

TIG Welders

TIG welding uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create an electric current capable of melting and fusing metal. A constant-current welding source produces the electrical current, while helium and argon serve as shielding gases. TIG welding is perfect for welding thin sections of steel and allows for superior control over the weld. Our welding supply store offers TIG welding tools from major brands, including:

  • Miller

  • Lincoln

  • Black Stallion

  • Blue Demon

A spot welding machine

Resistance Welders

Resistance welding is a process that uses electric current to join two pieces of metal, typically with heat. The electricity used in resistance welding creates electrical resistance between the two materials, resulting in extreme temperatures that can be used to bond the pieces together. This type of welding uses very little energy and takes less time than traditional methods, making it a popular choice for many industrial applications. Speak to one of our experts for advice on the best set up for your needs. 

Subarc welding

Sub Arc Welders

Subarc welding uses a combination of arc and wire feed processes to join materials together. This process offers several advantages over traditional arc welding, including higher deposition rates, improved weld quality, and faster completion times. Our welding supply store has everything you need for your Subarc welding processes.

Lincoln Electric engine driven welder - the Ranger 330MPX EFI

Engine-Driven Welders

Not all welding jobs take place in a shop or near an adequate power source. When your welding job requires an independent power source, engine-drives can provide any weld through diesel, propane, or gasoline generators.

Most engine-driven welders can be transported on a truck or trailer to the job site and can support most forms of welding methods:

  • Stick welding

  • Flux-cored welding machines

  • MIG welders

  • TIG welders

Brands we partner with

We are experts in welding and understand what products are best suited for your needs. We stock the brands that we know and recommend.

Welding in action with sparks flying


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