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Machinery & Welder is your local source for pure industrial gases. Our customers choose us as their sole supplier of industrial, medical, and atmospheric gases because our products are of the highest quality.

We provide industrial gases to businesses of all sizes

Quality Industrial Gases

Gas tanks in a range of different sizes

HomeGases & Dry Ice

CryoCarb™ is a division of Welder’s Supply Company.

CryoCarb™ offers a wide array of pure, mixed and specialty gases in compressed gas or liquefied gas cylinders, microbulk and bulk modes. Depending on the gas and the application requirements, gases and liquefied gases are available in a variety of grades including industrial, USP, NF, FDA food grade, beverage grade, high purity, ultra high purity, EPA Protocol, Zero and others.

Contact Machinery & Welder today to have CryoCarb™ gases and dry ice delivered to you. 

CryoCarb™ Specialty Gases and Dry Ice

Machinery & Welder is a CryoCarb™ retail site

CryoCarb delivery truck - delivering gas and dry ice
Large gas tanks and dry ice facility in Beloit WI 53511


Machinery & Welder has 10”x5”x2” (5 lb.) blocks available in-store. Other sizes are also available upon request.

  • Styrofoam coolers available for purchase.

Dry Ice blocks - Retail

CryoCarb 5lb blocks Dry Ice available for pick up
Styrofoam cooler box for taking your Dry Ice away
Dry Ice 5 lb blocks available for pick up at Machinery & Welder Corporation
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