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Stronger Welds, Better Results.

Machinery & Welder carries a great selection of both diesel and gasoline engine-driven welding machines for all types of welding projects. Whether you weld on large job sites or in a smaller workshop, we have machines for every application. Stick, TIG or MIG welding processes, Machinery & Welder has all the bases covered.

With all the technological advancements in welding machines, we’re always updating our inventory. The trend toward incorporating multiple functions, such as engine driven welding machines also serving as generators, air compressors, and even battery charging stations, brings even greater versatility to welding machines. It’s a great time to be a welder!

Miller EnPak A60 integrated welder that Machinery & Welder Corporation sell and service

EnPak A60 by Miller

The new EnPak A60 includes more capabilities in a small footprint, with 325 amps of integrated multiprocess welding output, battery charge/crank assist and more. This all-in-one is designed with industry-leading technologies to help you get more work done, reduce engine hours on your truck and maximize the return on your investment.

We know the EnPak inside out and can provide the advice, after sale support, and servicing to ensure your success. Call us today to discuss your situation. 

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Welding with sparks flying


Enhance Your Engine Welding Machine with Quality Accessories

Find all the essentials you need in one place! Our store offers a wide array of top-notch accessories for your engine welding machine. From MIG guns and spool guns to welding helmets, tips, gloves, wire, and more, we've got you covered. With our expert guidance, you can make the right choices and optimize your welding machine's performance. Get the job done right with our high-quality accessories for engine welding machines.

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