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Plasma Cutting Equipment

Harness The Power Of Plasma.

We sell professional grade power sources for air plasma cutting from trusted brands. These plasma machines are easy to set up and operate, making plasma cutting quick and straightforward.

We Have The Consumables Needed To Keep Your Job Going

Nothing is more frustrating than having to stop a job because your equipment goes down. As a trusted plasma equipment supplier we keep all of the consumables needed to get you back up and running quickly. No matter if it is a swirl ring, electrode, nozzle, retaining cup, shield cap, or more advanced accessories we can help you in a pinch. If it’s a more serious issue, check it into our Service department

Miller ProHeat 35 Induction Heating machine

Induction Heating

The ProHeat™ 35 Induction Heat Systems Solve Ongoing Preheating & Stress Relieving Problems

This simple and cost-effective heating process can deliver fast and consistent heat for:

  • Welding fabrication and construction;

  • Preheating of welds;

  • Post-weld heat treatment;

  • Coating removal; and

  • Shrink fit applications

Applications that would typically require hours to heat can be done in minutes utilizing induction heating.

In addition to the simplicity and efficiency, the ProHeat 35 induction heating system solves many key issues in today’s environment:

  • Does not produce the exposure to burns associated with open flames and electrical resistance wires (only the work part becomes hot)

  • No significant expense of fuel gases.

  • Produces fewer fumes than flame heating.

  • Produces less particulate from overheated insulation caused by high temperature electrical wires and ceramic pads.

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