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A welder completing his certification at the Machinery & Welder Corp ATF facility


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Joe Campbell in the lab at Machinery & Welder ready to certify new welders

Trusted Certification Experts

As an AWS Accredited Test Facility (ATF), Machinery & Welder Corporation meets the requirements to be a test facility, with the personnel, location and equipment to test and qualify welders. 

ATFs play an integral part in the operation of the AWS Certified Welding program and have proven that they have the necessary resources to test welders to this nationally recognized and accepted program.


Entrusting welder certification to ATF specialists makes good business sense for contractors and fabricators. Companies are increasingly realizing the shortcomings of self-qualification and switching to AWS Accredited Test Facilities to test and qualify their welders. As an ATF, we help you save money, improve productivity, and reduce liability by entrusting your welder certification to the experts.

Complete the Certified Welder Program at Machinery & Welder Corporation

AWS Welder and Welding Operator Performance Qualification Record page

How to start the Certified Welder Program

  1. Read the QC7 Standard and its supplements.

  2. Contact us at Machinery & Welder Corporation to register for the test.

  3. Take your QC7 Standard with you at the time of the test. 

  4. Once you have passed the test, Machinery & Welder Corp. will forward your application, qualifications test record and payment to the American Welding Society.

  5. The AWS Certification Department will process your application and will mail you your AWS Certified Welder Wallet Card along with renewal information.

  6. AWS will receive your application, test results and the registration fee up to two weeks after your skill demonstration. You should receive your welder certification card and maintenance form from the AWS Certification Department two to three weeks from the date your application is received.

The Certified Welder program is a performance-based program with no prerequisite courses or certifications required. Final certification will provide "transferrable" credentials that you may take with you wherever you go.

The Certified Welder (CW) program tests welders to procedures used in the structural steel, petroleum pipelines, sheet metal, and chemical refinery welding industries. There is a provision to test to a company-supplied or non-code welding specification. Tests for Certified Welder (CW) are performed at Machinery & Welder Corporation, a AWS Accredited Testing Facility.

Our testing facilities adhere to strict standards for welder testing and can test welders to AWS Standard Welding Procedures (SWPSs), industry standard specifications and company-supplied or non-code welding specifications.

The AWS Certified Welder program allows for welders to obtain multiple certifications to expand their credentials. Every certification that a welder earns increases the number of skills needed to perform a wide range of welding jobs. Certifications that a welder can obtain through the Certified Welder program include:

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