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Your Partner in Welding Excellence

Since 1931, Machinery & Welder Corporation has been at the forefront of the welding industry, setting the standard for excellence. As pioneers in the field, we continuously raise the bar by bringing you the latest advancements in technology and unwavering product support.

Our success is driven by our technically experienced and dedicated staff, fueled by their passion for welding and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Regular participation in training programs ensures they possess the expertise to assist you with any welding need that arises.

From top-quality welding supplies to expert repairs, cutting-edge robotics advice, and custom-manufactured solutions, Machinery & Welder Corporation is your one-stop destination. Partner with us, and together we'll forge a path to excellence in welding.

Exterior of Machinery & Welder Corporation building in West Allis, WI

We are an AWS Accredited Test Facility (ATF)

As an AWS Accredited Test Facility (ATF), we have the test facilities, personnel, and equipment to test and qualify welders. Using an Accredited Test Facility will help you save money, improve productivity, and reduce liability.

CryoCarb dry ice manufacturing facilities in Beloit with large tanks

Industrial Gases and Dry Ice delivered to you

We are a CryoCarb™ location that offers a wide array of pure, mixed and specialty gases in compressed gas or liquefied gas cylinders, microbulk and bulk modes. We also have Dry Ice delivered fresh directly from our manufacturing facility to your door to ensure maximum quality and product performance.

We also have Welders Supply Company stores in Big Bend, Burlington, Beloit, Rockford and Crystal Lake.

2225 S 116th St, West Allis, WI 53227 

Location: Machinery & Welder Corporation 

We are a factory-authorized repair and warranty facility for Miller, Lincoln, ESAB, Forney, Hypertherm, Victor, Thermal Arc, Tweco, and others. Contact us today to diagnose and resolve any issues with your welding equipment.

Warranty provider for most major brands

Factory warranties

  • Welder qualification/certification

  • Welding procedure development/qualification

  • Welding codes, standards and specifications assistance

  • Welder training

  • Pre-employment evaluation/testing

  • Welding process auditing and assistance

  • Visual welding inspection

  • Filler metal testing & weldability testing

Get certified at our AWS Accredited Test Facility 

Joe Campbell in the library with AWS standards

Welding Codes Standards and Specification Assistance

 Joe E. Campbell has a complete library of AWS standards used for certification and qualification paperwork performed for customers.

Joe Campbell working on Copper Nickel weldability test plates

Weldability testing

Copper Nickel weldability test plates for a foundry application

closeup of welding test for compliance

Welder Procedure Qualification

Ensuring Welding Excellence and Compliance.

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American Welding Society logo Sustaining Company Member
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Retail store with welding machines and PPE safety equipment in stock

Welding Equipment for sale

With over 90 years of service, Machinery & Welder Corp. has partnered with the best brands to bring you high-quality equipment. Talk to our welding experts for more information about our products, delivery options, and training programs.


We’re always here to help!

Welding Equipment Servicing

  • Need to get a machine calibrated or repaired?

  • Repairs conducted in-house by our own technicians. Not shipped off to a remote facility.

  • Need a Regulator Or Apparatus Repair?

Machinery & Welder Corp. is a certified warranty repair center for the manufacturers we represent.

Welding Robotics & Automation

As manufacturing processes get more advanced, more and more local businesses are turning to robotic automation for welding and cutting needs. Machinery & Welder Corp. offers access to industry-leading fixed robotic welding systems with the advice and training to ensure success. 

Staff group photo outside the Machinery & Welder building

We have over 250 years of combined welding industry experience and can answer any questions you may have about your welding equipment and how to get the best out of it.

Talk to a Welding Expert

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